Equality & Diversity Policy

All applicants for employment with Direct Childcare will be considered solely on merit and we will ensure our workforce is representative of all sectors of the community. All applications will be monitored using a standard monitoring form.

We will ensure that children are offered a balanced programme of activities taking into account gender, race, nationality and ability.

We will ensure that all equipment and activities promote positive images and do not stereotype or discriminate against children or adults regardless of their age, nationality, gender, ability, race, marital status or sexual orientation.

Direct Childcare staff will be aware of children’s individual needs and this will be reflected in their approach to the children’s care.

We will ensure that all groups and agencies that we work with have an Equality and Diversity policy.

We will ensure that Direct Childcare staff attend training sessions on anti-discriminatory practice and are aware of our Equality and Diversity policy.

We will ensure that any identified instances of discrimination, whether involving staff, parents & carers or children, are investigated and dealt with promptly and sensitively.