Health & Safety

Mobile Creche Service

The health and safety of all children that attend a Direct Childcare crèche is paramount. We work to the adult to child ratios set by the Care Commission as a minimum. All of the equipment used by Direct Childcare meets the necessary safety requirements and is regularly checked, cleaned and maintained. The Childcare Services Manager, or another appointed person will carry out a pre-crèche site visit to all potential crèche venues. A designated person in charge of the crèche will carry out a risk assessment of the crèche environment before each session, and will ensure that all other staff are familiar with fire and emergency procedures for the venue. Our aim is to ensure both children and staff enjoy a safe, healthy and hygienic environment in which to work and play.

Sitter Service

First Aid – all sitters hold current certificates in basic first aid. All accidents are recorded on an accident report which the parents are required to sign. All sitters carry a basic first aid kit. Fire Safety – All sitters have attended awareness training in fire safety in the home. Sitters will not fight fires; however smoke alarms are a requirement. An evacuation plan is required for each home which the sitter will be aware of. Infection control – Sitters will not work if they have an infection ailment and will not work with children who are infectious. Prescribed medication – Sitters will only administer prescribed medication with the written consent of the parent. Medicines must be in original packaging with child’s name and dosage clearly marked.

Hazards – a risk assessment will be carried out in the home prior to any sitter being placed and issues addressed. Sitters also adhere to the Personal Safety Policy.